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Psychic Test

Passing the psychic test below certainly won't make you capable of providing accurate online psychic readings. However it will give you an indication as to whether you already posses certain psychic abilities, which you may be able to develop further.

Psychic Test - Clairvoyance

To test for clairvoyance, place 20 marbles, five each of four different colors, in a bag. Then let a friend remove the marbles from the bag one at a time, keeping each marble hidden from both of you. As each marble is removed, you guess its color and your friend records the guesses. Only after each guess should the marble be looked at and its actual color be recorded, and then it should be returned to the bag. Continue the testing procedure until 20 guesses have been made. Repeat the sequence four more times, for a total of 100 guesses in all. By chance, the expected number of correct guesses is 25. But a very good score, at odds of approximate 1 in 100, would be 34.

Simple Psychic Tests You Can Do

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