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Psychic web sites:

1. Ask Adena
Empathic psychic offering spirit, angel and tarot readings by phone, e-mail or online Readings focused on relationships, love, career, healing and life choices Reiki Healing Free online psychic readings

2. A-jeanny For Witches and Warlocks
Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism, Pagan, Occult, New Age, Aromatheraphy Supplies and Tools for all of these.Athames, Books, Candles, DVD's, CD's, Gemstones, Herbs, Incense, Incense Holders & Burners, Jewerly-rings, chains, Braclets, Pentagrams, Pentacles, Oils, Oil diffuses, Mortar & Pestles, Ritual Aids, Spell Kits, Bath salts, Tarot decks, Velveeten bags, Wands,

3. Live Telephone Psychic Readings
Genuine gifted telephone psychics and mediums, available 24 hours a day. Call to discuss Love, Relationships, Money or Future predictions. UK based.

4. Universe Psychics
Psychic Readings and Spiritual Relationship Counseling from a Naturally Born Gifted Clairvoyant. No more Confusement. Seek and learn the truth today.

5. Witchcraft Magic Spells the work
Best rated professional coven of witches casting a spell to enhance the lives of others. Specializing in love spells, money spells, weight loss spells, lottery spells and much more. 100% guaranteed.

1. Circle of Psychics
Circle of Psychics has been the leading provider of online psychic reading since 1999. Our psychic readers specialize in; psychic phone readings, live psychic chat and email psychic readings."

2. Psychic Readings by Ann, Professional Psychic & Tarot Card Reader
Ann Harris, Will Tell you the future and what to except, REUNITES LOVE ONES, Answer all questions.


4. Tarot Card Readings by Rita
Accurate and inspiring. The path you choose today will map your tomorrow.

5. Wejee's free psychic tarot i-ching rune readings magick!
free psychic tarot, i-ching, rune readings, free daily horoscope, Wicca magick spells, crystals, essential oil herb correspondence charts, eBay auctions!

6. Bridging Heaven & Earth - Bridging Human and Divine
Bridging Heaven & Earth”- National Spiritual Television Talk Show/Magazine, National Television Format for Conscious Awakening, Focuses on Opening the Heart, Dedicated to the Oneness, Bridging Human and Divine

7. Great psychic readings from the Goodpsychic.Com
Great psychic readings from an accurate and insightful online psychic. Enjoy a highly personal and unique reading.

8. Psychic Medium, Joy Star: Lightworker, Channeling Spirit Messages, Psychic Readings
Psychic Medium Joy Star is a Spiritual Lightworker Channeling Spirit Messages from Spirit Guides, Angles and loved ones. Psychic readings, FREE Psychic Tips, Newsletter, Book Store, Psychic Classes, Testimonials

9. Psychic Tarot Readings - Online Psychic Reading Reports - Spiritual Psychic Email Readings. Pastlife and Free Rune Reading. Psychics. Crystal
Silvermoon is the leading source for free psychic tarot readings, spells runes and reports online. Providing psychics clairvoyant and spiritual tarot reading. Spirit Medium and Free Dowsing, astrology, numerology and pastlife information. Crystal is the first choice for all your psychic tarot reading needs.