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There are several ways the psychics provide clairvoyant readings to their clients. Some psychics remain in touch with their guardian spirits almost all the time. James Van Praagh is one such psychic. He is also known for his television series called Ghost Whisperer.

When James was a kid he would often see spirits and lights or auras around the people. One day he prayed to God to show Himself. As he lay in the bed, he saw that the ceiling had turned extremely light and there was a hand with an open palm from which light emanated. James thought it was almost like knowingness. It was energy full of pure love.

Great psychics like James Praagh evolve into higher self and remain in constant contact with the divine spirits. They attain a state of knowingness which provides them all the information that they require in context of their clients’ problems.

It is quite easy for such psychics to leap into higher zones of consciousness. James Praagh, for example, prays for 10 minutes before taking up a psychic assignment. The prayer elevates his spirit to a level where he can attune himself to the energy vibrations that allow him to receive the divine messages. This is another form of psychic clairvoyance.

Almost all great psychics tap this divine source for their clairvoyant readings but their methods may be different. It is like reaching the top of the mountain via different routes.

While some psychics see visions, others hear voices. There are still others who have strong intuition. All these abilities are various manifestations of clairvoyance. Most psychics were born with clairvoyant abilities. These abilities are in their genes. If you study their family background you will find that their mothers, fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers too are generally endowed with similar psychic powers.

If you are skeptical about the psychic powers, contact a psychic over the phone or through an email. Ask him for a free clairvoyant reading. He will be glad to answer your questions. You lose nothing by asking a few questions. Hopefully you will get a surprise revelation of your life.

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